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“Sky Is For Mozart”
Saturday, May 17, 2014
Exhibition of large fine art paintings by Alexander Solotzew
German-Russian artist Alexander Solotzew, who now resides in Florida exhibited his large scale fine art paintings at Gallery on Fifth. His show pays tribute to the divine spirit of creativity that runs through artists of all mediums, honoring the music of Mozart. As well as the music of Mozart, the art is also inspired by the beauty of Southwest Florida.
”Sky Is For Mozart” images

“Art for Tots”
Friday May 2, 2014
Master landscape artist Vyacheslav Khabirov believes in the importance of exposing children to art at an early age. An experienced and talented teacher, Vycheslav engaged the youngest little artists – leaving kids and parents happy!
Vyacheslav Khabirov’s work

“Wassily Kandinsky Lives in Naples”
April 1, 2014
As part of the Russian American Museum of Art (RAMA) Collectors’ Club, a rare Wassily Kandinsky original 1930s watercolor was displayed together with original pieces of art from Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, and Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec. The Kandinsky piece stands out – given the Nazi stamp on the back of the watercolor. It is believed that the artwork was seized directly from Kandinsky during his last years of life in Paris. The original artworks are part of a vast private collection of a local Floridian art connoisseur. Image of rare Kandinsky

“I Put A Spell on You” – Exhibition of Ancient Russian Traditions
March 27, 2014
Russian artist Julia Kostsova visited the United States for the first time to exhibit her collection of large-scale paintings depicting the charming beauty of ancient Russian traditions and rituals. Audience participated in traditional Russian circle dance, played matchmaking games, and had their fortunes read from wax drippings in water.
”I Put A Spell on You” images

“Celebrate UKRAINE!”
March 6, 2014
Sing folk songs and dance the traditional gopak with celebrated Ukrainian artist Dmitro Dobrovolsky. Dmitro’s colorful paintings remind us of a stain glass window or mosaic, as small dashes with a palette knife create vibrant landscapes.
”Celebrate UKRAINE!” images

“Beauty of My Dreams”
January 23, 2014
American artist Giovanni Di Cunto displayed art dedicated to the enigmatic female charm, love, the beauty of everything around us. Stunned audience witnessed the creative process as Giovanni painted models’ white dresses live!
Images of De Cunto’s art 
”Beauty of My Dreams” images 

“Rescued from the Flames” – Exhibition of Socialist Realist art from the Soviet Union
December 12, 2013 – January 12, 2014

The highlight of our season! Over 1000 people from all over Florida came to appreciate 20 paintings from the vast collection of Jurii Maniichuk and Rose Brady. This stunning collection – never exhibited in the west and unseen since shown in the Soviet Union just prior to the country’s collapse in 1991 -portrays five decades of socialist realism works done during a turbulent period of history encompassing Stalinist, Soviet, and post-Soviet regimes. Live violin and cello music by distinguished musicians Katrina Rozmus and Daniela Shtereva, and lavish Slavic catering by Russian House Naples complemented the evening.

The exhibition ended with a highly attended panel discussion featuring national and international art and history specialists speak about the relevance and importance of these Soviet paintings. ”Rescued From the Flames” images

“Heat Wave” Memories of Summer: Sultry paintings by Alexander Solotzew
November 1, 2013
Russian-German artist Alexander Solotzew brought his newest Naples-inspired oils, mixed media and graphics. World-renowned nonconformist artist, collector, publisher and a permanent partner of the Russian Museum, Joseph Kiblitsky arrived from Russia to speak about Alexander’s art. The evening was complimented with piano music written especially for the exhibition by Craig Cervantes. ”Heat Wave” Images

“Around the Canvas in One Hour”
May 1, 2013
Naples welcomed the return of Alexander Solotzew for his second live performance at Gallery on Fifth. He created 15 works in charcoal, acrylic, pencil, ink, and mixed media in media in only an hour.

“Journey around the Globe”
March 8, 2013
German Artist Margit Heiss shared her elegant use of shape and color to create abstract animal and nature inspired art. Her art is inspired by her travels to South Africa and Brazil. Margit also showed off her excellent culinary skills – and pleased guests with homemade German pastries.
”Journey Around the Globe” images

Artist Alexander Solotzew painting live
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